About Us

Big Up UK is a unique agency. It is highly personal and extremely exclusive. There are many management companies claiming to represent dozens if not hundreds of clients, this is just NOT US. Such representation for so many people can neither be personal or exclusive.
Big Up UK does what the the name suggests, to help make important, prominent and famous. We represent only a handful of names, people we absolutely believe in who are totally protected and nurtured by an elite team who do not solely depend on connections but on excellent, outstanding and obvious ability.
Our clients need to know they can grow. Achieving great things in Britain should only be the beginning. There’s a whole world out there that we can achieve great things together.
Talent has to be nurtured and protected, the emphasis is about creating absolute excellence, it can never be just about the money. There is always a bigger picture, Big Up UK, that’s what we are about.

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